Welcome to FEMETALL d.o.o.



We are a medium-sized family company based in Zenica / Bosnia and Hercegovina.


We exclusively produce according to the drawing specifications or models of our customers in the field of stainless steel and metal processing.


A drawing is enough for us to produce welding and sheet metal constructions according to customer specifications quickly and in high quality.


If you want it, your whole project can be done by us. Of course we also carry out projects planned by architects or structural engineers.


Especially in mechanical and plant engineering, automotive industry, we are active in the German market.


Amongst other things:

- Paint shops for surface technology

-Basin for degreasing and cleaning of bodyshells (automobile)

-Stainless steel tanks

-VBH-, Phosphatier- and KTL-plants

-Spray - pretreatment,

-Dipping – pretreatment




-Pipelines and piping construction

-Piping and pipe connections for spray systems

-Conzoles for pumps and heat exchangers ect.





-Steel construction structures for industrial plants

- radiators, pipe clamps,

-Mountings or constructions for conveyor systems (also in black steel)

-Dryer and cooling zones incl. Ancillaries

-Environmental and flue gas purification plants


-Pressure vessels (also rubberized)


Our production program covers the cutting, edging, notching and welding of sheet metal components in TIG / MIG / MAG processes.



We are a certified welding company according to DIN 1090-2 EXC 3


Our certificates:


ISO 9001:2015     AD 2000 HP0        EN 1090-2 EXC 3 / EN ISO 3834-2


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